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That's when you find yourself.

Bad Idea: Sleeping in until 11 am, when your alarm went off at 8:30.

Really Bad Idea: Planning to go to bed at midnight, and then realizing that it is 2 am.

...Damn, my heads hurts.
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marbles, lost

Who can say if I've been changed for the better...

Soo yeah...People need to send me Wii Codes since my mother actually bought one like two months ago...

Stupid itch on my leg won't go away. Gah. Well, at least that stupid cold is finally gone. (sneezes) ...Aw, not cool.

Yay for Jamba Juice on a relatively hot day! ^^ Hey Stephanie, who is showing the Olympic Trials??? I wanna knooooow...
Also, does anybody know when Comicon is? I have a sneaking suspicion that it's this weekend... If it is, then I am screwed...
I did want to go to Anime Expo, but its in downtown L.A. this year so I think I'll pass.

I really, really, really, REALLY Want to go to Black Angus for Lunch this week!!! <3

My little brother is gone this week for boy scout camp so I basically have the run of the place...It's very quiet. Too quiet...(starts banging on pots and pans) I hate to say it but...I think I miss the bloody little bugger.
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Everyday's A New Day.

Wow, that last entry was a long time ago. I have now graduated from Mount Carmel High School and I am going off to college (Western Washington University) in the fall.

I've been watching a lot of movies from my childhood recently and it's amazing how much those movies affected me when I was a child. So much of what I do makes at least a little bit more sense...XD

I dunno if I want a job or not this summer...probably not. I'm totally going to visit Andy at Golden Bagel.

I have found that I really like Fresca Soda. XD

(heart) to Elizabeth! Hopes she finds me on Livejournal soon!!!
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Dude! I found my Car!

So I did not pass my driver's test the first time, but I did this time and that's all that matters. I have it now and it's all good. ^^

The first time, I did something that got me an automatic fail: AKA. a dangerous maneuver. I didn't look over my right shoulder to check as I merged into a bike lane. Ouch. Now I always look over my shoulder. Lesson learned, I think.

Hello Dolly was fantastic and now I'm depressed because I have nothing to do. But One Acts are coming up! YAY! I have been auditioning for the last two days.

On Saturday the 29th of March, I was involved in a protest about the California Educational Budget Cuts. 12K for K-12 was the name. Very important. Very big. WE had an estimated 600 people show up! And not just highschoolers. We had elementary kids, middleschoolers, teachers, parents: the turnout was amazing. I had to leave because of Hello Dolly (I had two shows that Saturday), but they did march twelve kilometers and there was a rally as well.

Gah, now I have to do homework. Yay for Studying for AP Exams!
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Well, I'm in the school play and the curtain opens in a little less than two weeks! We are putting on Hello Dolly and I am in the ensemble. Check out :

I have my driver's test in a week. AGH!

Anna comes home for spring break in nine days! YAY!

55 days until the APGov Exam. *terror*

The cleaning lady comes tomorrow so I have to clean my room. Meh.

My portfolio in Writing Seminar is due tomorrow. EEP!

I have to do a presentation on an emblem poem for a book report in APEL on Wednesday. *annoyed*

I graduate high school on June 12th. 0_o"

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Happy Christmas! / Merry New Year!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Christmas was awesome but my family's party was way too full of teenage melodrama to be all that much fun. A reunion and an intervention between two couples who came and the intervention was messy...

Moving on, the rest of the party was great despite those issues and lots of presents were given out. ^^

My christmas morning was wonderful because I found out my mother did not end up going to work on Christmas Eve!! So we got to open the presents and stockings in the morning, thus thwarting my Dad's neverending quest to make the kids clean up the house before evening every year. I got an Enzo Ferrari in my stocking. It was a model car, Hotwheels-style. God, do I wish I could get a real Ferrari. Gah! Gotta run! Be back later...
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Sure has been a while...


School has started. I made Classical Ensemble! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Marching Band is done for good. *sob/dance for joy* We got an extra week of school off because of those damn fires. RAWR! I am mucho grande depressed because of that because MC tournament got cancelled and Redlands got cancelled. Senior year has not been what I hoped it would be so far. I miss Anna like crazy!!

My aunt Marnie died last Thursday. There will be a mourning post shortly. Expect emo-ness.

Writing Seminar is a blast! I'm am now only applying to four colleges. It originally was six but two of them had unresolvable issues so I dropped them. (Cost and lack of a good history department) I really, really, REALLY want to go to Western Washington University. That's where Anna goes.

Lots of friend feuds = not fun times. The fall play was spectacular! It was the Diviners. Look it up, I've had to explain it too many times. Try Wikipedia. The Choir concert last Thursday went very well, especially since we oversold!!! ^^ Two AP classes = GAH! *falls over* Yay for Madrigal Dinner next week on Monday and Tuesday! Anna gets back on the 15th! I get to be paid for caroling in 4S Ranch on the 14th. My X-mas party is on the 16th. I TURN 18 ON THE 25TH OF DECEMBER!!!!! I still have two dogs. I am still very scatter-brained and eclectic, blonde and silly. What else is new?
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Yay for watching the original Star Wars Movies!

Yay for going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls tomorrow and then going to Onami's for lunch!!!

Yay for Helen's B-Day party on Saturday!!
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Old post that never made it

One Acts went swimmingly. I got into 'Luxium' with the part I wanted and it was brilliant! A ton of fun.
Shakespeare Festival went awesome too. We didn't get any awards but who cares! It was fun!
Europe was wonderful. We went to Munich, Rothenburg, Salzburg, Vienna, Lucerne, Innsbruck, and lots and lots of churches. Simply beautiful. I want to go back so much!
I got my Prom Ticket. I was named a Sundevil Standout. I'm applying to be a section leader in band next year.
I actually posted a video on Youtube, a slideshow actually.
Mt. Carmel Choir and Orchestra performed a concert version of South Pacific in lieu of a musical, since our theatre is still under rehabilitation. Long story. South Pacific was spectacular and we sold out!
And I have a 4.0 in school.

HOW DO I DO IT?!?! Not even I know!

(Spring of 2007)
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So it's official, I quit track. Theatre, Band, and Choir have become more important. Coach was perfectly fine with it, he was just bummed to lose a good athlete. ^^ So all my freaking-out about it for a week was not really necessary...Typical me. XD

So now, I'm trying out for One Acts on Tuesday and I'm joining the group for the Shakespeare Festival. Ahhh, it's good to be back. I have mny second Band Festival on Thursday and in two weeks...EUROPE, BABY!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I can't wait! ;D
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